Varsity Girls Dominate Cunningham

On September 1, 2016 the Varsity girls, coached by Donny Mata and Will Fritz, had their first water polo game of the year. Following the starting whistle, they immediately began to set up and shoot. Some defensive resistance could be seen from the Franklin High School girls but that couldn’t stop the points coming from our stars. After the water calmed and the yelling was over, our girls arose victorious.  

Photo Credit: Kaela Peterson

With goals by Chloe Bonini(3), Gabi Wirth(18), Zoey Crowder(23), Alexa Jacobson(11), Mireya Cabral-Mixco(16), Sofi Silverman(17), Lauren Matthews(6), and Esther Hurst(13) and goals blocked by Adrianna Wirth(1), the final score sat at 17-7.

Photo Credit: Kaela Peterson

“My favorite part of water polo is scoring goals because it makes me feel super powerful and sure of myself. Sometimes you get really nervous before a game but when you score you feel unstoppable.” Chloe Bonini said after being asked what her favorite part of the game is. When she was asked about how the girls game is played she replied, “In hard games, a lot of the time it ends up being hard emotionally too. Certain teams play super dirty, like kicking and scratching. I’ve been punched in the face and definitely thrown some punches. Other times you get into set and feel like you’re dying because the girl is pushing you under.” After being asked the same two questions Gabi Wirth says, “I think my favorite part of water polo is seeing my team work together. It gets me really excited when we score off a play that we’ve been practicing and we finally get it right. Most aggression in water polo just depends on the player. It can get frustrating when someone is really grabby or tries to to hurt you just because they’re mad. But I just try to keep my head focused on the game.”

Patrick Foley

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