Six Flags: An Awful Place To Work

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Six Flag: Discovery Kingdom

By Layara Speech

     Most high school students work at Six Flags, me being one of them. Six Flags is my first job, and I enjoyed working there for the first two months. After the first two months, it all went downhill from there. I stopped enjoying the job and started to feel miserable. I was not being treated in a fair way and I dread every minute when I was at Six Flags. My lead, who is a person who teaches you what you need to know, depending on what department your in, for three months straight he didn’t do anything but belittle and bully me. I understand wanting your team member to better themselves, but he treated me poorly, and he treated way differently compared to my other co workers. There were plenty of times I wanted to start crying while at work.

     I felt as though I was doing everything wrong. We all make mistakes, but why make someone feel bad about themselves because of their mistakes? My lead also felt the need to laugh at anything I did. The supervisors in the rides department are also no better. I can understand wanting your employees to be serious on the job, but the rules are pretty ridiculous. We aren’t aloud to laugh, or even talk to one another. We’re ride attendants or operators, we should be able to laugh, talk, and actually look like we are enjoying our jobs. Our job is to make the guests happy, but how can we make them happy if we have to look like we work at a morgue? Friendly is apart of the Six Flags mantra, so we should be able to display that.

     Working at Six Flags is almost like working at a prison in the sense that there are so many restrictions on us. Certain rules I can understand like eating while working or being on your phone, but other rules I don’t get. You have to wear black or white shoes, and if you wear a hat or gloves they also have to be black or white. You also aren’t aloud to wear a hoodie under your work jacket which is dumb because it gets really cold at night. You can be written up for the smallest things, you can also be fired for small things too. The company as a whole is really disorganized, and I wouldn’t recommend anyone to work there. However, all departments are different, so maybe another department would be lenient on what they expect from you. I could move departments, but Six Flags has been so ruined for me, I wouldn’t even go there as a guest after my two weeks are up. I will definitely miss the friends I made, but it’s time for me to find anew place to work at.

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