Digital Platforms Spur Change In Art And That Is Okay

By Chloe Bonini

     The discussions surrounding art have always been very subjective and open ended, and so has art; this is one thing that hasn’t changed, but the way we represent art has.

     Most of us remember our parents having flip phones up until the point where smartphones took the world by storm. Apps like Instagram surfaced, giving way to an age of what some might call pretentiousness, and others might call a renaissance.

     Regardless, the way we view art has changed. We are exposed to more and more styles and concepts, from makeup to photography to painting and calligraphy. Crafty or classical, we have access to it all. Our parents either made the art or paid to view the art in a museum.

     Naysayers complain that social media makes it too easy to manipulate the persona you give off. They might say we’ve lost the integrity that once was, in art. But it’s not the integrity we have lost. I wouldn’t say we’ve lost anything at all.

     Rather, the speed with which styles and trends evolve has sped up the transition of art. Art is constantly changing and new perspectives and mediums are constantly surfacing. This doesn’t mean art has been compromised. It is simply different.

     In the past, over many many years, art periods would slowly transition. But now, every day a new subclass emerges. Digital art moves from graphic design to puzzling animations to makeup. Photography moves from settings and objects to focusing on people. So much of the rhetoric surrounding the digital age and the way that art is changing is centered around it being negative. However, if we change the negative connotation around “change” to a positive one, just as strong of an argument can be made. Change is not inherently bad, though people have trouble accepting it–it’s human nature. We’re wary of anything new, but nothing can stop the way time runs on and changes the landscape of pop culture. So we should embrace it.

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