BHS Students Participate in “Never Again”



    Benicia High School students’ walking to first street in protest of the school shootings.

 By Chloe Bonini 

     On Wednesday, March 14, 2018, BHS students participated in the Never Again 17 minute walkout at 10:00 during access. Several students spoke at this demonstration in the quad.

    At the preceding student forum, student activists met with BHS Principal, Brianna Kleinschmidt, and communicated with her about the organization and planning of the walk out and subsequent events in participation of Never Again. Principal Kleinschmidt and the BHS administration showed their support of the student body’s voice, allowing students to participate in a 17-minute demonstration, “as long as we can resolve safety concerns.”

    By demonstrating alongside schools nationally and the Parkland students who started the never again movement, BHS students aim to help end political apathy in our high school environment. So far, gun violence and the issue of common sense laws has been extremely divisive; however, supporters are adamant that this is not a partisan issue. It is everyone’s issue. We are all students, and we are all at risk for these tragedies as long as our government attempts to end the gun violence conversation.

    If you have ever felt unsafe at school, are concerned about gun violence, or want to be politically active, proponents of the initiative encourage you to consider adding your voice to the many thousands that will rally together once more on April 20, 2018.  

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