The Goddess and Her Songs


There once was a goddess who was as graceful as the wind blowing across a field of flowers. She was more beautiful than the stars themselves. The goddess lived in a castle upon the heavens made of the softest clouds. She grew lonely as she spent her days in the castle. One day, she took a stroll and reached the end of her cloud. The goddess looked below her and saw the emptiness of the world. She dropped a piece of cloud as she sang a special song, there the emptiness filled with water. The water was clear, beautiful, and covered all of the world below her, but the goddess knew this wasn’t enough. She dropped some cloud and sang her special song, there grew the vibrant green grass and the tallest of trees with thousands of fruits growing from them. The goddess was content with her world she created, but she still felt lonely inside. She then dropped another piece of cloud as she sang a special song and with this song her cloud turned into life. She created living creatures, animals of all shapes and sizes. 

The goddess was very pleased with her world as it prospered and grew more beautiful each day. The goddess grew very tired after creating her world and she drifted off into a 7 night sleep. As the goddess slept she dreamt of love and happiness. She began to sing a special song different from the one she had sung before and there she created man. The goddess awoke surprised and pleased with her new creation. She watched her world and started to become very fond of the man she created who lived upon the earth in perfect harmony. The goddess began to fall in love with the man she created and decided to transform herself into a woman. She began to walk the perfect lands as she spent time with the man and fell more and more in love with him. One night she grew even more tired from walking the lands and she slept . Again, it happened, she sang another song while dreaming of her creation and all the love she had for it and she created a woman. 

The goddess awoke 12 months later to find the woman and the man she had created together. Together, as she was asleep, the woman and man had fallen in love. The goddess was confused and didn’t notice the love they had, but eventual caught onto the fact that the man no longer admired the goddess and began to love the other woman instead. She grew full of sorrow and sadness and began to cry. With every tear shed her world began to die. Her beautiful world she had created was slowly being to fall apart. First the air grew cold and the sky began to rain with her tears.Next the grass and flowers begin to die due to lack of climate control. The leaves fall off the trees and they slowly die in sorrow and the world she loved so much become a dystopia. The water became cold and turned into ice, as the goddess continued to cry. The animals built up with anger and began to get violent, killing each other for food. The world grew with hatred as the goddess continued to cry. Everything she had loved eventually died out completely. The goddess stopped her crying as she looked down to her her world which had become nothing. She began to hate herself as she let her emotions kill something she once loved and the goddess who was once beautiful turned into a black cloud waiting to burn up. 

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