Why Celebrating Christmas Early Plays Directly Into Capitalism.


Our society is built around capitalism. It keeps our economy thriving, and promotes tremendous wealth mobility among the economic classes. Capitalism is not perfect, however, it births corporations, slimey sales techniques, and monopolies. 

If you want an example, take Christmas. Even before Halloween, Christmas commercials were flashing all over our T.V.s. They jingled that “the holidays were just around the corner!” How can the holidays be around the corner even before Halloween? 

Let’s face it, Christmas is a Christian Holiday, yet millions of Non-Christians celebrate it. Christmas is no longer about religion. It is centered around “holiday cheer”. This is a corporate phrase for material items and monetary exchanges. Christmas deals, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday, are all Corporate coupes to capitalize on this so called “holiday spirit.” 

Since when did Christmas, and it’s surrounding holidays, become solely about buying and giving? Christmas was not based around presents for the whole family, or new cars, or going on massive shopping sprees at the mall. Black Friday was not a thing until the 21st century. Companies, have capitalized on the fact that traditionally, people exchange gifts during the holidays. They have slowly shifted the focus away from familial bonding, to “get what you need for the whole family!”. 

To be clear, I am not specifically talking about the birth of Jesus Christ. Many people do not recognize Christmas as a religious holiday, but rather as an excuse to get the family together. This is not important. The Holidays are no longer about religion, or spending time with those you love, it has become an excuse to spend money. 

For example, take a Nordstrom Rack commercial, that said, ̈gifts for everyone on the list!̈ or a Mercedes-Benz commercial, that displayed rows of luxury cars going to all of the people on the nice list… and the naughty list. When did being naughty get you a Mercedes? How about the same company running a different add, where Santa switches his iconic sleigh and reindeer for a Mercedes-Benz SLC. Yes, it  makes perfect sense that Santa would trade his Iconic sleigh team, for a Mercedes, and not something much faster. Why not a jet? Let’s just go all the way and just stick Santa in a fighter jet that can go Mach 2. That way he can finish delivering presents early, and still have time to stop by the Mercedes-Benz dealership, and on his way home, get a new coat for Mrs. Claus at Nordstrom Rack. 

Just remember that as of today, there are 6 days left before Christmas, so get your shopping in now! Merry Christmas indeed, and have a Happy New Year. 

Shoppers get a little too into the Holiday Cheer on Black Friday 

One thought

  1. Logan, gotta say that I love this article. Our family doesn’t celebrate Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday or any of the other commercial shopping days. We prefer instead to make and give small, mostly useful gifts and spend our time playing games, enjoying meals, going to local celebrations (I’m still a bit sad that the HS Band cancelled out on First Friday Open House. But that’s a separate article waiting to happen) and spending time with friends and family. So we often wonder at the news we hear about people being trampled, the fights and other craziness that happens during the season. Here’s to hoping that families find the time to step back and teach the better lessons of the giving of time and talent, over the all mighty dollar.


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