COVID-19 Updates and Timeline

Coronavirus (COVID-19) update: Busting the myth by looking at the ...

By Andy June

Covid-19, more commonly referred to as ‘Coronavirus’, is all around us, and has affected roughly 3.5 million people, and killed more than 250,000 people. An odd strain of pneumonia surfaced in late December 2019, in Wuhan, China, which in early January, the World health Organization (the WHO) identified the unknown illness as the novel Coronavirus. Within a couple short weeks, several people had died, and the virus slowly made its way out of China, first in Thailand, the U.S, France, Australia, and several others, but these cases were all thought to be contained. Throughout the month, the cases in China grew rapidly, along with the death rate. By early February the death toll in China was nearing 1,000, and cases were gradually growing in other countries. Mid February brought more cases and deaths outside of China, and by early March, Italy was in a complete lockdown, and cases began to rise significantly.

 In mid March, there were significant amounts of cases in nearly every country and Italy surpassed China, with a little over 41,000 cases. In mid March U.S cases were rising fast, and many schools began for school closure. By the end of the March, the U.S Surpassed Italy, and still has the most cases in the world. In mid April, Trump announced that stimulus checks would be sent out to millions of Americans, and an Antibody test was announced, meaning that if someone took this test and were positive for the antibodies, they either already had the virus, or are immune to it. Either way they were not a ‘carrier’ and they could not get sick. In late April, U.S case numbers grew to over a million, meanwhile, other countries started to ease the lockdown precautions.

A question asked by many, is when the lockdown rises, will the cases rise as well? Since many have been at home, and not exposed to the virus, most people are not immune, but have just simply avoided getting the virus. On one hand, people are being protected now, but on the other hand, when people start to go out again, especially without protection, like masks, how many will get sick? And how many will have already been immune? Some researchers believe that history will repeat itself, and that in the fall, COVID-19 will come back, and possibly worse, similar to the 1918 Spanish flu, and the 2009 Swine flu.

Currently, the U.S still has the most active cases, but many states are beginning to lift lockdown precautions. Although businesses have started to open back up, it seems the U.S Coronavirus curve has begun to flatten, meaning that less cases are being reported daily. There was a huge jump in cases from late March to early April, but since, cases have begun to average out.  

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