How Michael Jordan’s “The Last Dance” Has Engulfed Sports Fans

By Nick Austin

Michael Jordan’s “The Last Dance” documentary is a docu-series that covers the Michael Jordan era bulls and their struggles to become a dynasty. This Docu-series has been the biggest thing on sports fans’ minds since the cancellation of all major sports due to COVID-19. Each premiere of a new episode averages around 5.8 million views, that number quickly skyrockets in the coming days as many people choose to record and watch later. In the week after a premiere,, the episodes receive “around an 84-94%” increase. Episodes 3 and 4 debuted with around 5 million views, but by the end of the week, there were at 11.3 million for episode 3 and 10.9 million for episode 4. This docu-series has set numerous ratings records and will likely become the most viewed ESPN documentary ever. 

   The reason for the sudden success of this series is not only because this series is the only sports-related thing on TV besides reruns of NFL and NBA games, but because of the lack of knowledge of what went down behind the scenes on one of the best dynastic runs to have happened in sports. In a time where social media was non-existent and all sports reports came through ESPN, SportsCenter, or your local news station, no one besides reporters close to the team, the players or staff knew what went down behind the scenes of the Michael Jordan led Bulls teams. 

    For years, people would only see Michael either in an endorsement commercial or on the basketball court, and the people had gotten tired of it. They wanted to see the real Michael Jordan and the real Chicago Bulls. The only drama the public had seen or heard of was Jordan going to gamble while in the middle of a playoff series and Pippen threatening to not play for the rest of the 98’ season due to his lack of a contract and his foot injury which he purposely delayed surgery on. Fans and reporters were left starving for any kind of drama or turmoil to talk about. They had to wait 20 years but they finally got it and now, just like in the ‘90s, Michael Jordan is the talk of sports fans across the world.

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