Why is Trump trying to ban TikTok?


As you may have seen and heard about all over social media and the news, Trump is trying to ban a popular app called TikTok.  

On the news Trump stated that he wanted to delete this app because, ¨Tik Tok is owned by China and that China is posting conspiracy theories on the app.¨ He is giving any other company that wants to buy it 45 days to claim it and buy it. Otherwise the app will be deleted sometime during the week of September 20th (information from Washington Post information by rachel lerman). Trump said previously that it was going to be deleted before he even gave the 45 days, but that didn’t happen.              

Also in June, Trump announced he wanted to have a rally in Tulsa on June 19th, but people on TikTok bought up all of his tickets, ruining his rally ( information from Forbes ). 

And finally, Trump may be trying to distract people from the election. Only Trump knows for sure why. 

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