A New Challenger Approaches In League Of Legends


    Kindred League of Legends players are frothing at the mouth for the brand new champion: Kindred.  

     League of Legends, a competitive  MMO for PC and Mac gamers, has garnered frequent praise for its diverse array of characters; but none have generated as much buzz as the much
anticipated ranged assassin, Kindred.  

     Lamb and Wolf, known together as Kindred, is most recognized for their ultimate ability: “Lamb’s Respite.” The attack is an area of effect that will make all friendly and enemy champions indestructible for a set time.

     “Even against unfavourable odds, Kindred’s team can often claim objectives by casting Lamb’s Respite before pummelling the enemy team’s structures down,” developers have said about the ability.  

     The other abilities, starting off with their passive Mark of The Kindred, gives Kindred more percent health damage. Their “Q” ability, Dance of Arrows, can be an escape and/or an engage. Secondly, their “W”, Wolfs Frenzy, has a passive and active. And finally Kindreds “E”, Mounting Dread, is a slow that gives bonus damage.

     Kindred’s passive, Mark of The Kindred, marks an enemy champion. When the enemy dies, the mark gives Kindred a stack. This stack is percent of the enemy’s health. “Mark of the Kindred has immense psychological value, too: knowing that they’ve been marked for death may force an enemy to play more passively, pulling back from their pushed lane for fear of an approaching gank.” For example, if Kindred has 6 stacks of their passive, each attack will do 6 percent of the health of neutral monsters and enemy champions. These stacks are essential to Kindred.

     Kindreds primary damage comes from their “W” ability, Wolf’s Frenzy. Wolf’s Frenzy, once casted will attack the target of your choosing. Also, when Wolf’s Frenzy is active, Dance of Arrows’ cooldown will be reduced to 2 seconds. Another way of using Wolf’s Frenzy is to to show lane dominaces.

     Kindreds “E” ability slows the enemy champion by 70 percent. After 3 basic attacks, Mounting Dread will do 5 percent of max health damage plus the base damage.

     Combine this ability plus all of the other abilities, Kindred makes for well rounded champion.

Written by: Beau Deems

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