Deez Nuts For President!?

Deez Nuts

With the presidential race underway, many have been searching the internet for answers, combing for candidates. But there’s one candidate that people did not expect to see: Deez Nuts.

Deez Nuts, also known as 15-year-old Brady Olson of Iowa, recently ran for president as a third party candidate. It all started after Jim Williams – an issue polling specialist – got an email from Olson stating that his name was “Deez Nuts” and that he would like to run for president. Williams said in a further interview,”I thought this would be funny so why not put it out.” He started off with statewide polls on Twitter. In every state he polled for, Deez Nuts got between seven and ten percent of votes against Trump and Clinton.Even though he was 20 years too young to be eligible to serve as president, he got some of the best third party votes we’ve seen in two decades.

Brady Olson ran for president because like many others, he was sick of the two-party system, and he was frustrated with the front runners. Apparently, almost one in ten people worldwide agree with him.

Brady Olson got the idea to be a satirical candidate from a Kentucky feline named,”Limberbutt McCubbins”. There’s also a handful of other runners in the same boat such as “King Prescott Satan,” and “Butt Stuff”. When Olson was asked how far he was willing to take this practical joke, he said “As far as America wants to take it.”

In addition to showing the humor that can exist in politics, “Deez Nuts” revealed a distinct issue in the political realm right now. Ineligible though he may be, Brady Olson showed the United States how many people are unhappy with the way the upcoming presidency is being handled. Time will tell if the country would have been better off in the hands of the 15-year-old prankster.

Written by: Tess Ritter

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