NCAA Football Championship Thriller


al clem


     The long awaited second annual NCAA football championship has been played, and the Alabama Crimson Tide defeated Clemson to become the new champions. However, Alabama had a tough task, as they played the only undefeated team in the country.

    This wasn’t a case of last years playoffs which led to the #4 Ohio St. winning the championship. Instead Alabama came into the playoffs at #2 beating the # 3 than playing the # 1 ranked and only undefeated team in the country. However the game was a good game on both sides with both teams scoring high points Alabama 45 and Clemson 40.

    The game was full of expected big plays from Derrick Henry and DeShaun Watson but one player would thrust the Alabama Crimson Tide towards their victory over Clemson. O.J. Howard made not one, not two, but three big plays in the second half of the game scoring two touchdowns for over 50 yards each and a another pass reception for 63 yards that put the offense on Clemson’s 14 yard line leading to a score 6 plays later.

    This win makes this the fourth NCAA title game won by Alabama in the past seven years. And as the new reigning champions, Alabama is looking to protect this title for as long as they can.

By Luke Lederer

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