Ex-Boybander Releases First Solo Single

On March 25th of last year boyband fans all around the world received horrible news: Zayn Malik of One Direction had decided to go his separate way. The news was handled differently by many fans. While some completely supported Malik, some fans were angry and believed he “betrayed” his ex-bandmates. It’s been nearly a year since his departure and Malik has shown he is going to do what he feels is right for him, no matter what anyone thinks.

After a long wait, Malik finally released his first solo single, titled “PillowTalk.” It took little time for the song to shoot to number one on iTunes in 52 countries, including the US. A single listen of this track proves that his new music is going a different direction than wherever his old band was taking him. Lyrics like “Nobody but me, ‘body but you, ‘body but us, bodies together” take a more sensual route than lyrics he was singing in One Direction. Malik croons the f-word so nicely you don’t even realize he’s cursing.

The lyrics aren’t the only thing that separates the song from his former band. Instead of a poppy/pop-rock route, Malik intends to lean more towards hip-hop and R&B. He’s worked with producer Malay. Malay’s produced for artists such as Frank Ocean, John Legend and 50 Cent.

    2016, or Z016 as many fans have dubbed it, will be the year of Zayn. His debut album, “Mind of Mine,” is set to release in March and will undoubtedly do well and showcase Malik’s impressive vocals. Keep an eye out for him in the months to come.

By Madison Goodmiller

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