Artist of the Issue: Gabi Buchanan

  Gabi Buchanan is an up and coming indie rock artist enthralled with the beauty of music. She is a junior here at Benicia High School and spends most of her time making and listening to music.


What makes you different than most musical artists around today?

“I believe that I am open to trying new things and I’m not afraid to write what’s on my mind.”


What are some of your favorite music genres?

“My favorite genres are indie rock and classic rock. I also listen to 1940’s jazz; some people are surprised to hear that.”


What are some of your favorite music artists?

“Chris Martin (Coldplay), Brittany Howard (Alabama Shakes), Matt Bellamy (Muse), Julian Casablancas (The Strokes).”


What are some of your favorite songs to perform?

“I like to perform: Creep (Radiohead), Ain’t No Sunshine (Bill Withers), and Feel Good (Gorillaz).”


How did you get into music? Did your parent’s music inspire you at all?

“My parents didn’t really inspire me music wise. However, my sister really made an impact on me. She used to play Coldplay, Panic! at the Disco, and The Killers.”


Do you have anywhere where people could listen to your music?

“Yeah you can find me on SoundCloud, I go under the name ‘Nikki’. It’s easier to just look up my song ‘Crooked Sidewalk’.”


Are there any upcoming dates where people can watch you perform?

“No, but I have an EP coming out between May and June on SoundCloud and my website:”


What is one thing about the music industry that annoys you?

“There’s so many artists who have been misunderstood as musicians. Most of the top hits on the radio are the artist’s least favorite because there’s no meaning. That is why I, along with other underground musicians, want to change that.”

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