Want to Live in Disney World?

By: Lorraine Bernal

Guess what? You can live in Disney World! That is… if you’re filthy rich and have 2 million dollars.
    Disney World is selling Disney-owned property to, obviously, those who can afford it. This property is called Golden Oaks, a “private residential community”, as said in disneygoldenoak.com. The property has four neighborhoods and a set of residences at Four Seasons Orlando. The homes are described to have a European-Caribbean flair, as well as ranging from 3,000 to 12,000 square feet. The lot is surrounded by Disney character statues, parks, golf courses, gardens and flowerbeds, and home to an exclusive clubhouse and dining options, gym, a swimming pool, and family-friendly game rooms.
    The deal however can only benefit those who a) have the money, b) have quite a but of love for all-things Disney, and c) don’t mind Disney character statues strewn around the place. But who doesn’t love Pinocchio staring at you in the face while going to the spa and pool around the corner? Oh, and don’t forget that Disney World is free of charge for the rest of your life if you live at this place.
As you can see, Disney World is living up to its selling price of $2 million dollars. “As expected, living in such a magical place doesn’t come cheap,” as Ana Calderone, People Magazine writer, claimed.


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