Work Out Machine Guide


By:  Lily Hayward

In America more than half of the population is considered to be overweight. With this many people having the same issue, you would think that there would be a special place for these  people to go to relieve themselve of the evil villain known as fat.

Well for those ignorant to the sciences of weight loss, there is such a place. It’s called a gym. In the so called “gym” , the floors are littered with machines that can assist those making the pilgrimage to a fitter life. One of the main types of exercise machines and types is weight training

Weight training consists of thrusting heavy objects in various directions and degrees,these heavy objects are often called weights. Each weight or weight machine targets a different muscle. Whether the muscle you want to enhance is the upper body, central body, or lower body, there is a weight machine for you

Upper body weight machines include bench presses, chest presses, and the lat pull down. Bench presses specifically target your pectorals and the triceps. To start this workout you begin by lying flat on the bench and holding the bar with your hand shoulders width apart. Then bring the bar slowly towards your chest and proceed to straighten them while tightening your chest muscles. The next upper body machine is the chest press. This consists of two metal arms coming over your shoulders and in front of your chest. It targets the pectorals and triceps. First you must make sure that your back is pushed all the way to the machine and then you simply push the arms forward. The last upper body machine is known as the lat pull down. This exercise is where you will be able to gain bulk on your upper arms. First you sit on the bench facing the machine. Then grab the bar above your head and begin to pull down tightening your chest and arms. Doing this consistently will ensure that you gain the upper body of your dreams

If you are more focused on the core of your body, machines like the captain’s chair, rowing machine, and decline bench, are more tailored for your wants. The captain’s chair, though incredibly painful, is one of the best ways to gain the flat toned tummy of your dreams. To use the captain’s chair properly, put your hands and forearms on the resting pads and raise yourself off the floor until your arms form a right angle. Then proceed to fling your legs in outrageous directions until you can’t feel your pancreas. The next machine is called the rowing machine. Rowing machines work all parts of your body but engage your core muscles the most. First sit in the chair and hook your feet into the the board at the end of the machine. Then grab the handles, straighten your legs, and pull pack with your stomach and arms. The last core weight exercise is the decline bench. This is simply a bench that is sloped at an angle. Hook your feet under the pads and sit up holding a dumbbell. This exercise specifically targets your core.

For lower body exercises be sure to use the cable kickbacks, leg press, and leg abduction. Cable kickbacks are fairly simple, though they tend to cause as much pain as giving birth. You must first strap your ankle or foot to the cable of death. Hold on to the metal frame of the actual machine and begin to kick your leg back towards the wall. This was designed to specifically target the gluteus maximus, minimus, and medius. The leg press works similar muscles as doing squats. It works your quads, glutes and hamstrings. For this exercise sit and place your legs on the square metal plate in front of you. Bend your knees and slowly straighten your legs. The last exercise is leg abduction. This exercise focuses on your glutes and causes an insane amount of pain while using it. But if you are determined enough the pain will make way for the era of “Buns Of Steal”. First sit in the chair and put your feet on the foot rests. Then slowly spread your legs and but the weighted arms around your legs outwards.

A gym is a magical place filled with magical machines. You have now been educated on how to use these machines..

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