‘Don’t Breathe’ Leaves Audience Breathless

Don’t breathe is a horror/thriller film that can easily be one of the most hit and miss films of 2016. Its that type of film that you either like or not, it’s just depends of what your interpretation on horror is. Alright, let me bring you up to speed on what the movie is about. The movie is about three friends that break into houses in order to get some easy cash. One of the guys thought to themselves “UUHH, that guy over there is blind. This should be easy!” But, when they broke in, they abruptly realize that the guy they were trying to rob was a total psychotic badass and locked them in his house. Fun. From there, the friends were forced to try and find their way out of the house, with the cash or not.

    The movie was suspenseful and there were countable moments in which I sat cringing inside because of some brutalities; but none the less, it was quite good.  Some things about the film that were notable had to be the character of the old man. He was always just so reasonable in his own fucked up way. From there, I could almost feel bad for the people breaking in on him.

    But with all good things in life, there are bad things. Now, this movie had some pretty questionable things. For example there is a part in the movie where the friends were in the basement when it was pitch black. As they were trying to escape the pitch black basement, they see the light coming from the door upstairs. They even screamed “OOOHH, I SEE THE LIGHT!”. First off, if you’re trying to escape someone, don’t fucking yell out, that’s how you die. I’ll just get that straight out of the way. Anyways, after they go up the latter, they open the door which just leaves the question on how they saw the light through the door from the basement. It makes no sense. Another thing i didn’t like was that there wasn’t any character development between the friends. But other than that, the movie was fine.

    The movie was good and I would recommend watching it, but it’s not worth see twice. Overall is about a 6/10.

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