Elizabeth Patterson Pushes for Re-Election as Benicia Mayor

    Elizabeth Patterson has been the mayor of Benicia for the past 9 years, and she’s going for another term this year. On November 8th, she hopes voters will remember what she has accomplished during her tenure as she faces off against her opponent, Vice Mayor, Mark Hughes.

    When asked what her main focus for her next term would be if she is re-elected, Patterson said what’s most important for her would be securing a reliable water supply and making sure to install high speed internet for our city’s industrial park. She also wants to work on improving our street conditions.

    Patterson believes that her “vision, courage, and heart” set her apart from her opponent. Her vision is to make Benicia a liveable, sustainable community. She also believes that Hughes is less qualified to take her position as mayor because he does not hold climate change to be an immediate issue for the city, and therefore, wouldn’t be able to do much to work towards fixing it.

    Her 9 years of experience working as mayor has given Patterson a variety of experiences. She’s learned more about what comes with the job. She knows that a mayor has to be willing to spend the time connecting with the community.

    When asked what she would focus on to improve our schools, Patterson had a number of things to say. First, she explained she plans on continuing to support our school’s ECH20 program. Next, Patterson stated that she wants to focus on educating students on sustainability.

    “Young people understand the issue of climate change really well,” Patterson said. By addressing this issue early with Benicia’s youths, she hopes to create long-lasting change for the future. This is further evidenced by her desire to add more “drought-friendly” plants to our campuses.

    On November 8, Patterson hopes to once again gain the opportunity to ensure Benicia is a healthy, sustainable place to live.

By Madison Goodmiller

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