PS4 Pro Or Slim? Which One Is Worth Your Wallet?

After months of constant speculation and rumors over Sony’s next revision of their console and the Playstation codenamed: “Neo,” being able to run games at better framerates and resolutions, many critics and fans were intrigued by Sony’s final product.

    On September 7, 2016 at the Playstation Experience, hosted in New York, Mark Cerny the lead architect for the PS4 unveiled the PS4 Pro with its main intention of “Giving hardcore gamers a reason to upgrade early” with it’s technical specs being twice as powerful as the base PS4 released nearly 3 years ago in November 2013. Cerny boasted how the new console will run games natively up to 4K resolution and HDR (High Dynamic Range) to increase visual quality when the user is either streaming movies or games.

    But Sony wasn’t done yet, as they announced their newest (and recently leaked) revision of the base PS4 as the Slim, which alleged to be much cooler and will cost $299, a big price reduction from its original $399 price tag the past 2 ½ years. The PS4 Slim, sees a significant reduction in size from the previous model, being 40 percent smaller and a power reduction to the motherboard by 40 percent which will reduce interior heat and provide of quieter and cooler console. Two units this fall will be available for consumers varying in hard drive size (500 GB or 1 TB) with the latter being $399.

    This fall will be a very consumer-friendly year for those wanting a PS4 as they’ll be able to choose what they want to play and how they will. The new PS4 gives options to each consumer: one for the hardcore gamer that wants a significant and meaningful upgrade, and one for those that are looking for a cheaper price tag, but still want a good bang for their buck.  These options will hopefully make the world of console gaming much more accessible to everyone. Also with Microsoft’s newest upgrade to the Xbox, codenamed “Scorpio,” the console market will be full of surprises this fall. For now though, it is clear that Sony is coming out swinging in this new phase of console wars. gallery-1473283591-ps4-pro-vs-ps4

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