5 Ways to Improve Your Studying Habits (Especially before Finals)


There are many miserable, annoying things about school, the worst being studying. Not only do we have to spend the majority of the day learning, working, and listening to lectures. We also have to go home do more school work and study for upcoming quizzes or tests. Everyone has their own studying method, whether it be being tutored, flashcards, or even cramming right before the test. Whatever your study habits may be, here are some tips on how to improve your study habits. These helpful tips are what you need to go that extra mile and get an A on your exams.

  1. Watch Youtube Videos

The internet is filled with information on about any subject that comes to mind. Youtube is a great, easily accessible resource to use when in need of a quick study session. It is a website filled with educational videos that can easily help you retain the information in a more fun, simple way. Using Youtube is not only easy, but also much more entertaining than rereading a textbook. Try a channel like Crashcourse, which has a wide variety of educational videos ranging from the humanities to the sciences.

  1. Study Out Loud

Whether you are alone or with a group of friends, studying out loud will make the information much easier to remember. It is scientifically proven that talking out loud improves memory retention. You may look odd talking to yourself, but studying out loud improves information retention by differentiating bits of knowledge.

  1. Rewrite Your Notes

When teachers give lectures and notes, how much of that information do you actually retain in that moment? It is very difficult to write, listen, and fully retain the information all at the same time. By rewriting your notes, it helps with comprehension. Also it can be more conducive to remembering than just reading.

  1. Teach Others

The ultimate test to determine whether you fully understood the information. By teaching someone who is not as familiar with the subject, it confirms your comprehension and understanding of the information. Along with studying outloud, it improves retainment abilities and memory, which will ultimately help you succeed on the test. If you are confident in your knowledge, then that is the first step in receiving good grades on the exams.  

  1. Get a Good Night’s Rest

Using sleep to your advantage is more important than you could imagine. It is scientifically proven that the brain actually commits a lot of material to memory while you sleep. Without allowing your brain the time to catch up and consolidate all of the information, it is more likely that all of those hours spent studying will be for not.

By Claire Imazu

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