Nintendo Switches Up The Industry With Their New Console


Early morning on the 20th  of October Nintendo revealed the Switch (previously codenamed NX) with many rumors over the design and console hardware specifications, we were dying to see how Nintendo innovates the traditional game console.

The Switch is in a different ball game compared to the Xbox One & PS4 with it being a hybrid mobile home console that can switch between the a dock that acts like your usual console to detaching the controller’s sides (as seen in the picture provided) and attaching it to the tablet turning it into a mobile console on the fly which was many people’s dream since they were kids. Nintendo’s three minute reveal trailer showing the various uses from playing on an airplane or taking your Switch to your nearby friend’s house and linking your controllers to play together without the need for wires or a tv.

While a lot of has been revealed to the public what the capabilities the Nintendo Switch can achieve,details about the actual price,specifications and games, minor details about games not running on your usual Blu-Ray CD’s with nintendo taking a unique path by using cartridges similar to the 3DS. But questions still come up. Does it have a touchscreen? How powerful is the console? How long is the battery life? Nintendo’s major presentation on January 12th will show the console’s price,full specifications and the launch title lineup.The Switch continues Nintendo’s trend to push the boundaries of what we expect in gaming.

By Justyn Recania

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