Rapper Replies with Vulgar Language to his 117 Year Prison Sentence


Rapper, Bobby Shmurda, has recently lost another friend to prison. Santino Boderick, A.K.A Cueno, was on trial for “gang-related violence” that took place between 2013 and 2014. Boderick is the third gang member associated with Shmurda to be imprisoned in the last few years. First was fellow gang member Rashid “Rasha” Derissant, with 98 ½ years to life sentence in May of last year. A few days later, another gang member Alex Crandon, A.K.A A-Rod, was given 53 ⅔ years. In September of last year, Bobby Shmurda was on trial for the first time for conspiracy to commit murder. Although he took a plea deal with the District Attorney and plead guilty for weapons possession. The deal included the dismissal of all other charges including conspiracy of murder and gang related violence.


To make matters worse about receiving a long sentence, Boderick was also given a 15 year plea deal from the D.A., although he decided to take his chances and face the jury. Justice Abraham Clott gave him a whopping 117 ½ years to 130 years in prison. After which, Boderick decided to let loose a string of curses before being asked to leave the courtroom.


All of these prisoners were a part of Shmurda’s GS9 Gang, a rap group formed in New York that has also been known to take part in gang relations. Earlier in 2014, GS9 was charged with 24 total shootings and one murder of an 18 year old basketball player, as well as the possession and distribution of crack. The police recovered 21 firearms, and they posted a two million dollar bail, which Shmurda’s record label, Epic Records paid for his release.
Even though Boderick was extremely stupid for declining a shorter prison sentence, he was smart enough to ask to leave the court after unleashing some harsh language at Justice Clott. Although all these past incidents occurred two and three years ago, the police are getting more and more members behind bars for the shootings and murder in 2013.

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