Benicia’s Got Talent

bandPhoto creds: Claire Imazu

If you skipped the Benicia High School student talent show on January 27th and 28th, then you missed an opportunity to see some amazing acts and great talent. Hosted by Julian Garfield, Noah Cobb, and Paula Pagalan, the show was a hit! Though this talent show only consisted of nine acts, it was definitely a sight worth seeing.  

    Starting with Kirsten Lambinicio(10) singing and playing piano to “Great Balls Of Fire” by Jerry Lee Lewis, the show picked up a strong pace with a variety of musical acts. Janina De La Cruz(10) sang “If I Ain’t Got You” by Alicia Keys, Then, Kailina Teodoro(10) brought something new to the table and performed a Tahitian Dance.

     Next up was Trappist-1, which included seniors Noah Cobb and Aizik Rogers. Their self-written rhythmic poetry was about introducing themselves and ignoring the haters. Then the band Riboflamin, which included Evan Jennings(11), Anders Knutstad(11), Allen Agas(12), and Carson Rendell,  performed “Cave,” by Mumford and Sons.

    After intermission, a group of nine students- Madison Morgan(12), Lucas Babot(12), Michael O’Leary(12), Breanna Collins(12), Skyelar Clous(10), Pilar Gonzales(11), Hamish Dinsdale(12), Violet Sparks(12), and Kyianna Collins(11)- performed and sang “Alexander Hamilton” from the Tony award winning musical Hamilton.

    Towards the end of the night, Sabrina Peterson(10) and Reshma Vydyarakath(10) performed a mashup of alternative rock songs and Hector Cordero entertained the audience with his famous “Gloving” act.

    To end the night, Garrison McNutt(12), Chris Capozzi(12), Malachi Leftridge(12), Matt Major(12), Neel Kishnani(12), Devin Rorke(11), Jason Velasco(11), and Noah Seguerre(10), AKA the WingNutts 2.0, performed “Erik Owen” by Youngblood Brass Band.

    All of the acts were absolutely fantastic! It was obvious that this school has some serious talent within. The judges–Mr. Calderon, Mrs. Osmer, Mr. and Mrs. Roquet, Mr. Watson, and Mr. Greenwood–had to make a hard choice in deciding the winners of the night.

    The results concluded in the WingNutts 2.0 winning 1st place, Riboflamin winning 2nd, and Hector Cordero placing 3rd! This show was full of talent and great people! Amazing job to all of those who participated and good luck to anyone next year!

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