Anything’s Possible if You’ve got the Drive

suh B   

 Blood is a very important piece of the human body. Without it, oxygen can’t be transported between your lungs, brain, heart, and other organs. Your body does naturally replenish its supply of blood if some is lost, but if you, say for example, get shot or stabbed then the loss of blood will definitely outpace the regeneration speed. In situations like these, the injured person could very easily be dead if it weren’t for the aid of blood donors. That’s right, by using extra blood that’s the same type as the injured person, their life can be saved.

      Where does this “extra blood” come from you ask? Well from blood drives just like the yearly drives at our very own school. You, that’s right you student of BHS over the age of 16 (in theory) can donate your very own blood to save someone else’s life. Those of you under 18 have to get a parent’s signature, then just bring the signed form along with your student I.D. to the gymnasium and you’re in business. When I went to get mine drawn it was a relatively simple process. They put me through a quick medical quiz asking about my medical history, gave me a complimentary bottle of water, and I was good to go. After that they led me over to a small area where they test your blood for its type, content of hemoglobin, and they test your blood pressure. That’s as far as I got in the process as once my phlebotomist (someone trained in blood taking) saw that I was turning pale at the sight of blood and talk of needles he sent me packing.
     I learned a very valuable lesson about blood drawing from the experience ; it doesn’t matter how good you feel that day, if you have a fear of blood or needles do not go to donate. Those fears multiply tenfold when confronted and surrounded on all sides by said objects. Most important of all though for proper blood donation safety, stay relaxed. It’s a harmless process, and you’re potentially saving someone’s life. So just sit back, drink some water, and enjoy the complimentary salty snacks for a good cause. Stay healthy BHS.

By : Hamish Dinsdale

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