Six Things to Do Over Spring Break



Spring Break is coming up soon, and many are in the process of making plans. Whether you have awesome things set for the week-long hiatus or you’re still uncertain, here are six recommendations for those needing inspiration this break.

  1. Visit a New Beach

Almost forty miles away from Benicia, Fort Funston Beach is a part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, with beautiful bluffs and two trails to get to the beach, you can rest on the shore or on windy days you can watch hang gliders from the sea line. Sixty-six miles away from Benicia is Bodega Dunes, part of Bodega Bay, features both dunes and waves for those who like to go four wheeling and for those who like to go surfing. With white sand and blue waves, Russian Gulch State Park is the perfect setting for a picnic, day at the beach, or boogie boarding time. Russian Gulch State Park is 155 miles away, a giant almost four hour drive from Benicia. There are amazing and countless beaches to visit in Northern California, post pictures of you at a new beach to @BeniciaPaw on Twitter with the name of the beach.

  1. See a Dog Shows

A lot of people like dogs, and dogs like to play. What’s better than people watching happy dogs doing agility shows? Nothing. There are a few shows going on during spring break in the Bay Area for agility shows, where the dogs go on the ramps, through the tubes, and run up and down the stage. Ya know, dogs being dogs. On Saturday April 15th alone, there are three shows going on. One in Santa Rosa, one in the City of Industry, and one in Madera. Go to the American Kennel Club for exact locations, ticket prices, dates and more information.

  1. Go to a Protest

This is the time and the age for you to always stand up for what you believe in. April 15th, tax day, is the next Anti-Trump rally. For those of you who do not approve,  or believe in the current president or his values, spend your afternoon speaking up for something you really care about and are passionate about. Although technically not during spring break, April 22nd is an Earth Day rally for those who love the earth and everything about it.

  1. Become Lifeguard Certified

Both a good set of life skills to have and an amazing summer job, being Lifeguard certified is a good way to broaden your horizons and become a more responsible person. Both the Cunningham and James Lemos pools have spring break training sessions that, although tedious, are a fantastic way to get sun, get a job, and learn how to be a first responder. You learn things like CPR, how to treat wounds, and how to operate an AED. It can be more pricy than a normal day at the pool, but the rewards are far greater.

  1. Go Hiking

The Bay Area has it all; surf, turf, and mountains. What’s better than spending a day or two in the sun and fresh air on a hike? There are countless trails that cross over North California, but here are a few in the San Francisco area that are short, beautiful, and worthwhile. For gorgeous views and sunsets, hike the one point two mile trek of Mount Tamalpais. There are other loops within Mount Tamalpais, so you can spend the day on different trails soaking in the California sun. If you want a trail thats a lot longer, the seven and a half mile hike of Alamere Falls is for those who love hiking and waterfalls. Located in Point Reyes National Shoreline, this long and lengthy hike is hard, and strenuous, but the ending is sure to make up for all of the painful calves. And lastly, for those who love night hikes, the Claremont Canyon Regional Preserve is an inbetween hike, with a stellar view of the city of Berkeley at night. With it being only three point four miles long, the perfect length hike is the right fit for a hike during the sunset, and a view at night.

  1. Listen to a New Album Everyday

Everyone loves their own music, but at times it can sometimes get boring, and can feel like you are constantly hitting skip on songs you’ve heard 100 times over. This spring break, as you are driving around, lounging at the beach, or resting in the park, try these new albums ranging from different genres to find a new singer, album, or genre that peaks your interest.Pretty Years by Cymbals Eat Guitars, The Sun’s Tirade by Isaiah Rashad, Belladonna of Sadness by Alexandra Savior, and All The Toppings by Panucci’s Pizza are recommendations from the internet, friends, and me. Of course, you can always look for new albums through google, friends, and related artists on Spotify.

By: Abi S.

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