Customers Drag United Airlines


On April 9th, the inhuman scene caught on camera by United airline passengers surfaced new fears. The brutal dragging of Dr. David Dao on Flight 3411 will not go unforgotten. Before he was identified, the video only showed an unknown man refusing to leave his seat and the unknowing audience would be shocked by his screams as security officers dragged him by his arms down the aisle. He had been wrestled out of his seat, leaving him with a concussion, a shattered nose, and two missing front teeth.


Flight 3411 from Chicago to Kentucky had been overbooked. United Airlines announced that it there would be $400 vouchers offered to any volunteers who offered to remove themselves, then the price rose to $800 once there were no raise of hands. Finally, the incentive rose to $1000. Spokesmen stated that the airline offered consistent compensation, yet not a single passenger was eager to give up their seats. When four passengers were randomly selected via online selection, Dr. Dao was the only one to remain in his seat. “Since that customer refused to leave the aircraft, we had to call,” stated Charlie Hobart, a United spokesman. The Chicago Department of Aviation denied the morality and how the procedure was performed, saying that it “was not in accordance with our standard operating procedure.


The incident produced intense racial issues and discrimination. Dr. Dao, a Chinese medical professional, refused to leave his duty to attend to patients in Louisville. Although United employees explained the situation to him, the passenger remained adamant. The four removed passengers were then replaced with United Airline employees, who were berated and told to be ashamed for taking those seats. “It was really intense, it was really uncomfortable,” Tyler Bridges, one out of two passengers who recorded the incident, said. “It felt something the world should see.”  

This is the second incident in which United has been under fire for in just two weeks. Two young girls were removed from the flight for wearing leggings, which violates United AIrline’s dress code. Due to the children’s’ young age and obvious sexualization, critics were none too happy with the removal of those passengers.


United Airlines CEO Oscar Munz has expressed deep regret and apology towards the Dao family, who states that he would not be flying any time soon. “We were only trying to re-accommodate,” Munz stated. United apologized for overbooking their flight, yet critics say this incident will remain unforgotten for a long time.

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