Why Are People So Unintelligent?

By: Morgan McCulley

38383100 - group of multi-ethnic young people having fun together outdoors

People, who just like you and me, are unintelligent. 

I think just about everyone has had this feeling that the people around them don’t always think. For me, there has always been a very obvious difference between those who are intelligent and those who are not. I’m not talking about being dumb but simply not being able to do necessary things that are acquired in this world. Many of us don’t see how some of the things we do are actually bad and that is what I will be talking about.

The first bad influence that comes to mind is mass media. I’m not just talking about the internet, more like all of the movie industry, social media, tv programming, etc. Not all electronic entertainment is bad but much of it is. For example, all news is bias to a political ideology. I can’t think of one news source that does not have their pockets lined with cash from one political position of the faction or party. Even independent reporters are biased as they tend to side with what they believe in personally even if they are wrong. It doesn’t matter what is right to them because they are businesses. What matters is who invest in them and if they get their money. So why wouldn’t this be true of other entertainment?

The education system is beyond a nightmare. The whole system is about the exams which means they will focus on theories and trivial information rather than practical information and preparing us for life outside of school. If you don’t believe me, then I will give some examples of our school. The integrated maths do not teach us anything we need to know about finances and keeping out of debt. Get focused is based on developing a 10 year plan for a career which is likely to not be relevant once they are seniors. I know I changed a lot from freshman year to now. There defunding of arts was a way to force people onto a 4 year track for college. Of course, the rate of people going straight to four year colleges is on the decrease because of cost and better options. There are so many issues that one could write several books about it.

On the internet, there are many conversations about these and many other things that are going wrong in America. Mass media influence and the Education system are very important. There is also the moral crisis or the lack of a moral compass among individuals. Many believe that the youth grow up not have their own personalities and therefore don’t have a strong moral compass. That young people are too influenced by the wrong things and make poor decisions because of it. This could be true but it could also just be that these people simply don’t know.  



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