Alternative Social Media

By Morgan T. McCulley


Anyone who has ever used a cellular phone knows about social media. They either have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat or some combination of those. Social Media is a great way to connect with people who aren’t able to talk to you face to face. It can also be a source of entertainment like YouTube. With all markets, there are new social media platforms being created all the time.


Band is a social media app for groups. You can make your own group or you can join other groups. The app has a four out of five on the google playstore and has over fifty million downloads. You make any type of group you want and you can invite your friends to join by sending a link to your group. The group can make posts on the group’s board and can have a unlimited amount of chat rooms. There are a range of settings that allow all sorts of activity to take place. For example, you can have a public group where anyone can join, a private group where you have to get permission to join, and there are secret groups you can only be invited to by direct invite. The app doesn’t have drama like many social media apps do and it’s best for those who want to organize groups online.


Vidme is an app similar to YouTube. It is a video sharing site that isn’t as censored as YouTube is and is missing key features like playlist. The app is still in development but it’s worth checking out. It has a three point eight out of ten on the google playstore and has one million plus downloads. Instead of likeing videos, you can upvote them so they make it to the front pages of the site. Making your own channel is simple and easy and is a good idea if you are interested because of how quickly the site is growing. You can share, comment or give tips on all videos. You can follow a channel or subscribe and give money to that content creator. You can even directly message with anyone on the site which gives you more access to giving your favorite channels encouragement and feedback. Even though it is missing some key features, it is definitely a good replacement for YouTube.


Minds is one of the more controversial social media apps that describes itself as “a network for freedom.” They make it very clear that they value freedom of speech and therefore will not censor any content on their site. With an account, you can make posts, earn points to boost posts, share posts, make blogs, earn cash with exclusive content and run ads. Minds has an encrypted messenger for private messaging to anyone on the site. According to many users like Nick B, you can “express your opinion without the fear of censorship.” This has lead to the site becoming very political. Many right wing voices use the site because they get kicked off of other mainstream social media. Some hate this app because of it’s anti censorship policies and believe that anyone on the right should be censored on the internet.


Another app with these problems is Gab. Gab is very similar to Twitter, but has been blocked by the google play store over controversy. According to many, it is overrun with alt-right member. However, this isn’t true. There are many people from all sides including the people who aren’t political at all. This app can still be downloaded from online and can be used online. Like Twitter, you can make posts that everyone can see, message people, comment and share. You can also upvote post you like, make searches and there is a live topics section as well.


Social media comes in many different sizes. You never know when something new might work. So try out different apps and see what happens.

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