Different Types Of Paper And How They Affect Drawing/Sketches

  So when you draw, do you think about the kind of paper you draw on and what you draw with? Paper and pencils differ from each other in how they are set up.

    The pound of paper you see on the bottom left of a sketchbook is determined by how much 500 sheets of that paper would weigh in a stack. But what does that mean for those people that use the different types of paper? Well, different paper weights have different things that come with them. Thicker and heavier paper can handle more water without buckling or bending the paper, while smaller and thinner paper can handle light sketches and light-handed writers. These papers also change the colors that show up and the texture of the picture. The power of paper can be different dependent also on what pencils you use and the colors on the page.

    Pencils also have an effect on how you draw and the end result of the picture itself. Many people use the standard graphite pencil. These pencils range from 2H to 6B, corresponding to the hardness or softness of the lead. The higher the number by the H, the harder the lead, while the higher the number by the B, the softer the lead. This is important because the harder the lead, the lighter the pencil will come off on the paper. The softer the lead, the darker it will come off on the page. This allows for different types of shading and coloring, giving different expressions to a picture and giving it more feeling and emotion.

    Other types of pencils consist of compressed charcoal. It’s soft and can produce deeper and richer blacks. These can give a picture a darker feeling and make a picture seem more morbid. This allows for many more ways of shading and allowing darker colors to come out on the page. Colored pencils are made of a soft wax lead. This is your basic coloring school supplies for school. They have allowed for many students to color and enjoy coloring, but they have more uses than just what is shown. Watercolor pencils are color-based water dissolvent pencils. This means the lead of the pencil will dissolve in water. These give different types of colors to show up on the page giving the chance to show bigger and more vibrant look to it. There is also water pens, all they do is apply water to the page so you can use watercolor pencils.

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