Preparing for the Worst


This year, hurricanes, wildfires, floods, and earthquakes have delivered destruction all across the globe. They have destroyed thousands of homes and businesses, power grids, infrastructure, anything and everything that facilitates modern living. These forces of nature can wreak terrible havoc and if one comes knocking on your door, it is necessary to be prepared.

    Hunkering down in your home, if possible, will be your best bet. It is a ready-made shelter, staying eliminates the possibility of becoming an internally displaced person and most are stocked with supplies already. If a storm is predicted to hit your area, it’s possible the power will be down for weeks so self-sustainment must be made. Purchase as much food and water as possible, mostly water as humans will die of thirst far before they starve. Gasoline and a generator will also come in handy as well as medical supplies like gauze, alcohol and medications. Avoid attracting the attention of looters and other unwanted people.

    Sometimes, staying home will not be possible. Guaranteed death or mandatory  evacuation will force you to leave and in this case, what you bring is essential.

  1. Important documents, titles, birth certificates, social security cards.
  2. Money in the form of cash.
  3. Personal medications and first aid.
  4. Hygiene items.
  5. Food and water for a minimum of 3 days. Method to purify water.
  6. Clothes. 2 pairs of socks, 2 pairs of underwear, a long sleeve shirt, and a warm jacket will get you by.
  7. Pepper spray should trouble arise.
  8. A dependable flashlight.
  9. miscellaneous items. Gloves, bandana, knife, bic lighter, ham radio, rope, duct tape, poncho, batteries etc.
  10. A duffel bag or backpack to carry it all in, must be sturdy.


    Evacuate in the most reliable vehicle that is owned, bring as much gas as needed for the journey, remember to inform friends and family where you are headed, and constantly update them of your situation. Best of luck!  

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