Companies that are Better than Your iPhone or Samsung By Morgan T. McCulley

I currently got a new phone, and even though I believe Samsung is a pretty good company, there are honestly better companies I could have gotten a phone from. I am not talking about LG or one of these other off brands they have as backup in case you don’t want Samsung or Apple. I’m talking about new phones from non-phone companies and companies that try to keep out of the United States. Afterall, who wants real competition in a capitalist society? Of course, big corporations are likely to do corrupt things when these phones are the top stuff and really deserve to have the front seat in the cell phone industry in America.

Everyone knows Google but do you know about the Google Pixel? If not, you are at the right place because one of these best phones on the market are Google Pixels. Cnet rates the Google Pixel at an overall 8.8 out of 10. This includes a score of 9 in design, performance and camera. They consider it “the high-end Android phone to get” if you’re “wary of Samsung or looking for a worthy iPhone alternative.” Lynn La, a reviewer for Cnet, called it “pure android at its absolute best” at the top of the webpage. It’s current cost is at 519 U.S. dollars. The only downsides are a dim outdoor sunlight display, bad blur feature on the camera, and it not being water resistant. Of course, they say it’s pricy for a Google Nexus device but iPhones are a thousand dollars now so it could always be worse. The upsides of this phone included a fantastic camera even in low light, elegant design, and one of the best Google Assistant programs on any phone.

You may not know this but China makes excellent phones or at least this company does. Huawei is more and more in the news as a company that is becoming a very serious competitor with Apple and Samsung. The Huawei P10 is one of their 2017 releases and has an overall rating of 8.4 out of 10. It has scored 9 in design, camera and battery. It costs around $625 U.S. dollars and once again was called expensive according to Andrew Hoyle, another reviewer for Cnet. The downsides: “the touch-sensitive navigation key is awkward to use and it’s not waterproof.” All the upsides include it’s comfortable hold and great looks as well as a good camera and it’s never ending battery.

Last but not least is HTC and more specifically HTC 10. This phone may not be rated like Google Pixel or Huawei but it does a good job at being a likeable phone no matter it’s flaws. Most HTC users are dedicated to the brand and have great bias towards the company over all others. The HTC 10 is not available with any phone providers or stores but can be found online for cheap and can still be used with most phone providers. HTC 10 is overall rated as an 8 out of 10. It “brings the noise, but it’s not a Galaxy killer” as put by Lynn La. It scores a 9 only in design and performance. They put it as costing 399 U.S. dollars yet that will vary depending on who is selling it. The downsides of this phone is that the battery is non-removeable and does not last as long. It’s camera can also have exposure issues when rendering a photograph. The upsides is that the design is elegant and chiseled with it’s all metal framework. It has “brilliant audio quality and a highly customizable user interface.”


Google Pixel:





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