North Korea Launches Most Powerful Rocket to Date

By Christian Collins

On Tuesday morning, November 28, Pyongyang, North Korea launched its newly developed missile.

The Hwasong-15 missile flew for 53 minutes, reaching an altitude of 2,800 miles before crashing 130 miles off Japan’s coast. It came two months after their last launch in mid-September and a week after President Donald Trump placed North Korea on a list, allowing them subject to sanctions.

Given the time between the two missile launches, many hoped it was a sign that North Korea began to cool nuke development, that sanctions were working. Unfortunately, the opposite is true. This latest missile reached 500 miles higher than any previous missile launched. Japan is over 6,000 miles away, making it impossible for a missile launched by North Korea to cover that distance. Not exactly. Many scientists from Washington and abroad believe that given the missiles height, it has a possibility of striking US soil. US Defense Secretary James Mattis claimed North Korea possesses the ability to strike “everywhere in the world”. This does depend on warhead size, and most agree North Korea does not have the technology to deliver a WMD to the United States.

Considering North Korea’s pace of nuclear development, this capability could come in the next couple years. The country has gone from missiles that explode on launch to ones that travel thousands of miles in a matter of months. It is a terrifying prospect to think what their capabilities will be in the near future and one that needs to be seriously considered. Especially when their dictator Kim Jong Un vows to “Destroy the entire US territory”.

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