Roy Moore

By Megan Saari

Warning: Mention of Rape


The man currently surrounded by news headlines, Roy Moore. 

At the moment in Alabama a man who has been accused of sexually harassing and raping teenagers has now won a primary and was almost an US Senator, this man’s name is Roy Moore. So far has been accused of sexualy assaulting six women when they were teens. What makes the accusations worse is the women all have said that they were minors when this happened, while Moore himself was in his thirties. Moore has responded to this by say the victims of lying to destroy his good name and career. At one of his rallies at church he was welcomed by a standing ovation, one person during Moore’s speech stood up interrupting him to say “Are all the girls lying?” After being escorted out of the building another man stood up and said “Does that look like the face of a molester?”


Republican Leaders in Washington have asked Moore to step down when the first few victims stepped forward, but Moore refused. Now with more victims making claims of assault and molestation the pressure for Moore to leave the political race is growing.  Many Republicans have made comments on what they believe Moore should do. Some think he should step down, like Senator John McCain: “The allegations against Roy Moore are deeply disturbing and disqualifying. He should immediately step aside and allow the people of Alabama to elect a candidate they are proud of.” While others are sticking by his side, like Senator Ted Cruz, who endorsed Roy Moore from the beginning said that, “These are serious and troubling allegations. If they are true, Judge Moore should immediately withdraw. However, we need to know the truth, and Judge Moore has the right to respond to these accusations.”


On of the republicans still by his side is our very own President. President Trump has said on may occasions “Roy Moore denies it, that’s all I can say,” and also questioning why it took so long for Moore’s accusers to come forward, saying ”Forty years is a long time,” Trump said. Even though during his own election Trump was accused by many women of sexual harassment and assaults.  He denied even when a tape was released catching him boasting in 2005 that he could grab women’s private parts without worrying about repercussions. “When you’re a star, they let you do it,” Trump said on the “Access Hollywood” tape.


Some republicans have mostly stayed by his side because of Moore’s conservative view on same-sex marriage. Before Moore decided to run, he was Alabama’s chief of Justice, in 2015 he made headlines ordering judges to not issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples even though the Supreme Court legalized marriage equality. The act got him thrown off the bench and lead him to run for Senate. Now that he has been accused of molestation and rape, Moore is saying that LGBT people and others are coordinating a “conspiracy” to discredit him and undermine his campaign. Though many of the women who have come out have said that they didn’t do this for money or political reasons.“I am not getting paid for speaking up. I am not getting rewarded from your political opponents. What I am getting is stronger by refusing to blame myself and speaking the truth out loud.” said Corfman, one of the women accusing Moore of raping her when she was a young teen.


Though Moore lost the election what the big problem was for many people in politics is that a man accused of molesting children was almost elected into office. After winning the new senator democrat Doug Jones said in a speech, “We have shown the country the way that we can be unified,” Mr. Jones declared, draping his election in the language of reconciliation and consensus. “This entire race has been about dignity and respect. This campaign has been about the rule of law.” Jones won with a final vote with 49.92 percent of the vote, and Moore with 48.38 percent of the vote. Moore has been asking for a recount even though it was clear that he lost. With Jones in the senate the republicans now have a 51-49 edge in the senate.

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