Your Favorite Color and What It Says About You By Hailey Lederer

Many of the personalities summarized here are based off of the most common words and descriptions that have been associated with each color. So, here are some brief summaries about what your favorite color may say about you.


You are a very passionate person, probably the most passionate out of all the colors. When you feel things you feel things much deeper , with more intensity than the average person. Your most valuable traits are likely determination and strength, which are things you strive for in everything you do. You can also be too quick to judge sometimes, but usually correct yourself in the end and can be great at fixing problems.

You are one of the more curious colors. You’re often times fascinated by things you don’t know and your mind can constantly be looking for stimulation. Good grades may come easier to you than other, even when this proves to be wrong, you are still considerably smarter than the average person about a number of subjects. You also have a tendency to push yourself to be the best at things and love the feeling of accomplishment the most out of all colors.


Though a bit cliché, you seem to be an all around happy person and whenever you aren’t, you try to find ways to change that. People may think of you as an eccentric and energetic personality as well as a fun person to be around. You’re the voice of reason within your friend group and the most open minded without even trying to be. You like to live in the present and rarely dwell on the past, be spontaneous and most importantly adventurous.


You are calm and collected, especially when in a tricky situation. Being the most self aware you are conscious to things going on around you, which can be considered good and bad. You enjoy the fine details more than the picture as a whole. kind of similar to yellow, even when you feel strongly about you opinion, you take others thoughts and feelings into consideration. When wrong you take the problem and learn from it, whether than holding onto it and feeling bad.


You value stability and trust. You prefer to have a steady schedule with very few inconveniences. You expect yourself to do things right the first time, which can sometimes bring you down emotionally. Confidence is something you like to show, even if your possibly wrong or scared. You look more towards the future than the now and can oftentimes be found planning even the smallest of tasks and even giving yourself too much with not enough time.


Creativity is a valued trait of yours and it can be argued that you may even be the most creative out of all the colors. You can be considered one of the least socially outgoing people and enjoy your alone time very much. And though you may not be as outgoing as others, when you do make friends you care about them deeply and are willing to kill for them. You care strongly about the way you are treated and tend to react stronger than most whenever you find yourself being mistreated or disrespected.


You like to be considered mature and treated as such. You act older than you are, and whether you actually enjoy it or not, you can often times give yourself mature tasks. You don’t like to be undermined for any reason at all and correct whoever does so as fast as possible. Black is also related to the unknown and magic, most people who associate with black being thought of as mysterious. Similar to purple, black isn’t the most social color and may like to leave people guessing.


Youth and innocence radiates from you, even if you don’t think of yourself that way, it can be one of the most common things you hear from others. Simplicity is the way you like things, and you can easily get annoyed when people take it as just being boring. To not get confused with the color black, even if you may not be the most mature at times, you are certainly wise beyond your years and have experienced a number of things which you’ve learned from, also helping your want for success. 

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