10 Things You Should Be Thankful For by Sydney Lewis


    Thanksgiving is a time to be together as one. The time to spend moments with your relatives you don’t see often. The time to be  thankful for the things that you have in your life. These are the things that you should be thankful for.



  • Your Parents


They are the one’s that gave you life, took care of you through the years, and they provided you food, safety, and schooling. They deal with your antics and yelling, support you when you feel down in the dumps, and tell you that they ‘love you’ everyday. They deserve a thank you.



  • Your Friends


Thank those friends who listen to your problems, those who are there when you need them or just someone that you can talk to, and those who give you food when hungry. It’s only fitting that they receive a thank you.


  • Siblings


They live with everyday, knowing everything that makes you tick and the things that make you happy. They can be annoying and irritating at times, but they will always be there for you, through thick and thin. Be grateful.



  • Your Health


You have lungs that take in oxygen, a heart that is beating, legs and arms that are functional, and all five senses working. Some people don’t get these pleasures, appreciated it.



  • Your Bed


It is that one place where you can cuddle with your pillow, be cozy and comfortable in the blankets, enjoy your slumber, and dream of dreams that you wish were only true. Say thank you to your fluffy bed.



  • Weekends


The break from the school week. Everyone needs a break from time to time and thanks to the weekend people have the chance to take some time to themselves



  • Netflix


A company which produces t.v. and movies at your disposal at anytime. A chance to curl up in your blanket, surrounded by bucks of food just to binge watch your favorite show. That should get a thank you every single day.



  • Laughter


Life is serious enough. You have to make laughter part of your life because it is great medicine for our souls. Dr. Lee Berk, an associate professor at Loma Linda University in California, stated to TIME that laughter “triggers the production of feel-good neurochemicals like dopamine, which have all kinds of calming, anti-anxiety benefits.” Be thankful for laughter.



  • The Little Things In Life


Puppies, clean clothes, baths and many more is taken for granted. Take the time to thank the little things in life because even the those things make it major.



  • Your Life


Your hobbies, sports, interests, and everything that makes your life your life should automatically get praise. No one has the same life as you, it may be worse or better, but it doesn’t matter. Be grateful for everything you receive.


    Saying ‘thank you’ only on Thanksgiving isn’t enough. The things you should be thankful for should receive a thanks everyday. Never take anything for granted. One day it’s there, right in front of you, but the next day, it disappears.


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