Coyne Awarded Best Dressed Teacher On Campus


Edward Coyne, widely known as the Ap US and European History teacher here at Benicia High School, was just awarded best dressed teacher on campus this past month. The California Department of Education, who previously awarded Benicia High School the California Gold Ribbon, gave Coyne the award they call the SDA: The Snazzy Dresser Award. The California Department of Education was only able to hear about Mr. Coyne because of the efforts here at Benicia High. Despite the competition with all of the other California schools, Coyne and Daniel Biro. Biro,  a science teacher here on campus, was noticed because of his plentiful suits, often seen worn every week. Mr. Biro did refuse to give a statement on his loss in this competition, but thankfully Mr. Coyne was open to it.

Mr. Coyne was awarded for his exceptional and distinctive style. He is most often seen wearing his go-to outfit: Shorts and a T-Shirt. In an interview with Mr. Coyne about his new award, he revealed, “The number one priority for my style is I want to be wearing clean clothing all the time. I organize my laundry randomly and when I wake up in the morning whatever clothing is on top is what I wear. And by just being the superior dresser and having exceptional taste, it always comes out to be matching and being the perfect teacher fashion.” With further research, it was also uncovered that 90% of the people who won the Snazzy Dresser Award did so with their eyes closed.

Further into our conversation, I asked about Mr. Biro and if he was considered fair competition. Mr. Coyne shifted in his seat and smiled before replying, “Mr. Biro has been putting up a fight for over a decade. He really tried hard- just like Avis the car rental they try hard, but he’s not nearly in the same league. Just the fact that he tries to hard proves he’s not the best dressed teacher on campus, where for me it just comes naturally. I don’t have to try to be the best dressed teacher on campus, I just set the trends.” His slight hostility led me to my next question of: are there still pleasant feeling between the two teachers? This thought was immediately refuted by Coyne. “I do appreciate his efforts of trying to dress well, I’ve also noticed Mr. James is trying to dress well. He is trying to move Biro out of the way, but Biro’s definitely been my biggest competition here for a decade.”

To the people inspired by Mr. Coyne’s fashion sense, Coyne has a few words for you. “Congratulations for recognizing my superior fashion,” He exclaimed in our interview. “It’s not just about how I look, it’s also about the extremely practical things including your efforts.” Coyne then managed to give tips for anyone interested in his fashion choices.


Things to think about when dressing like Mr. Coyne


  • Don’t try to hard
  • Don’t go out and buy super special outfits
  • You can’t go wrong with Patagonia
  • Don’t steal your parents credit card
  • Don’t buy things you don’t need with money you don’t have
  • Feel free to talk to him

With the help of students and staff, along with plenty of in-fashion clothing; our school was able to get Mr. Coyne the award he so obviously deserves. Great job Benicia High School, and keep up the good work for next year.


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