Willow Smith’s politically charged album BY:Tessa Osteen



    Released on the arrival of the singer’s 17th birthday, Willow Smith’s album The 1st, the eleven-song project, has similarities to her first album Ardipithecus, but ultimately gives a different tone. She channels singers from the 1990’s but puts her own indie sounding spin to it.

    One of her songs Romance, imagines a feminist revisionist history in the future. Willow says,“The single really came about me by just thinking about the unrealistic ideas that women have about relationships, which are fed to us through the media, our parents, and our peers.” Many people have praised the singer by how mature the music is since she is still just a teenager.

    Since her first song “Whip My Hair” came out in 2010, Smith has made a point to create new innovative songs with layers of meaning. Many songs on her alternative album features a piano-driven sound overlayed with acoustic guitars. Topics on this album range from crushing on boys to more mature entries about the political climate in the country at the moment.

    “The 1st is me realizing not what love truly is, but getting closer to that realization”, Willow says about her newest album. The album tells of her growth and musical growth since 2015. “For my last album, I spent a lot of time on the computer producing, so this time I was learning the guitar as I created the album and focused more on composing and instrumentation.”

       Like Willow, her older brother Jaden also has made music, and just recently released an album called Syre, that has more of a rap sound. Both the Smith siblings have an abundance of talent to share with the world and their wiseness can be taught to young people in the country.


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