Women’s March 2018

By Abi Seaman


Thousands of people hoist signs, chant outside, and make history, again.  

Last January, hundreds of thousands of women and supporters marched through the streets to protest the president after his inauguration. This year on January 20th, more and more people marched in support of everyone fighting for equality, and the #MeToo movement.

It is more important now than ever to demand social and political change during this time of turmoil, for both men and women. The women’s march stretched across hundreds of U.S. cities, with the Contra Costa women’s march happening in Walnut Creek, just across the bridge. Signs were made, speeches were delivered, and women came together to fight for feminism! Go women!

Highlights from this years march include 200,000 members marched in New York City, according to mayor Bill de Blasio, while 600,000 members marched in Los Angeles, from LA mayor Eric Garcetti. Organizers of the Chicago march said that close to 300,000 people pledged and marched on January 20th.

It is important to make history, it is important to protest, and it is important to set a good example by doing so. When protesting, remember everyone you are protesting for. Support all those who march with you, and create a world you want your sons and daughters to live in.

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