The Noblest Art of P.T. Barnam


P.T. Barnum

By Justin Makela-Guerrero

    I just went to watch “The Greatest Showman”, a musical featuring Hugh Jackman, Zac Efron, and Zendaya. The movie is now one of my favorites with it’s amazing soundtrack, cast of characters, dialogue, and the storyline of a boy starting his own circus.  *FROM THIS POINT ON THERE IS SPOILERS* The production follows Phineas Taylor Barnum (Hugh Jackman) trying to grow up in poverty after the death of his father. Barnum has encounters throughout the movie with unusual people.

   After his daughters see the museum he bought, they say they want to see real things rather than wax figures. This causes Barnum to send out flyers to recruit people of unusual nature to start his “circus”. He turns these people into a “family”, showing everyone as equals on the stage. He is the first person to accept these people for who they are, giving them strength and a sense of belonging considering they have been unloved by their own families.

    This movie has become one of my personal favorites because of the hardships that every single person goes through. Also, it is during a time where high brow people look down upon oddities or “freaks”, as everyone calls them. Throughout the film it shows the progression of the Barnum, his family, and the circus relations. Barnum has a problem with his wife’s father because he is high brow, throughout the movie Barnum is always trying to prove himself better than that of his father-in-law. He dislikes Barnum only because he was the son of a peasant tailor.

    Another person that shows up throughout is a newspaper writer, who criticizes Barnum’s circus but does admit if it was someone else writing it would be better. The Greatest Showman is the greatest musical I’ve ever seen. I wish there was more my words could do for it, but you must watch it and experience it for yourself.


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