Renowned Stephen Hawking Dies at the Age of 76


Even if affected by ALS, Hawking was able to live past the age of twenty-five.

By Maddie Marceau

Renowned theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking passed away this week, leaving behind a legacy that will be remembered for generations.

Hawking will not only be remembered for his insightful comments on societal constructs, but will also be regarded for his major contributions to cosmology and the science world. In his book A brief HIstory of Time, he breaks down complex ideas, such as the Big Bang and black holes, using terms that any reader can understand.

Even after his recent passing, the world has been prone to remarking upon all Mr. Hawking was able to achieve despite his disability. In actuality, his ALS was never the largest obstacle that slowed him down as a contributor to the scientific community. It was the negative stigma and discrimination he was subjected to as a member of the STEM society that held him back. This did not, however, stand in his way of leaving his mark on the world, and changing the way we view both physics and ALS. Most patients diagnosed with motor neuron disease pass away months after being diagnosed. Passing away at 76, he was the oldest survivor of ALS.

It has been an honor to learn and listen from Stephen Hawking. With more than 150 papers dedicated to studying the field of cosmology, he knew more about the stars than anyone on this planet. Even though he is among them now, he will always have a strong presence not only in the world of science, but everywhere else.

“It would not be much of a universe if it was not home to the ones you love.” – A quote from science’s brightest star.

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