Featured Poem: “White Noise”

“White Noise”

By Skyler Ajero

The sound suddenly stopped. A noise every living being has heard all

their lives. A tone so constant and omnipresent, it is only noticeable by its

absence. The sound has stopped. Then so did time.

The wind froze forming thin layers of glass, and the waves stood with

edges as sharp as diamonds. Sunlight became gold, and rain silver. And we

humans, we could not see, because no images reached our eyes. We could not

smell, because no air entered our body. We could not feel, because the

electricity that animated us has died. The world stayed, waiting.

High over clouds of marble, two words glimmered, covering the sky with

bright flashing lights that could be seen from any point in the entire world.

Blinking two words, and two words only: “GAME PAUSED.”

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