The Struggles Artists Face

By Justin Rylan

    Most people throw artists into two bins: either they are “starving artists” or “product enthusiasts.” The problem with this is the fact that this is black or white thinking, with little to no room for gray area. Some don’t even see many opportunities with arts degrees, but I assure you there are many jobs that come with this degree. There are many other parts to becoming an artist. The “starving artist” stereotypically works his whole life, unable to make enough to supply for himself, with their art only gaining value after they die (if ever) like Vincent Van Gogh or Edgar Allen Poe. The other side is the most successful you can be as a living artist, like a best-selling product or life changing design for people like Mark Zuckerberg or Steve Jobs.

    There is an in-between for artists, and it comes with determination for the job you love. Most artists are self-employed or run their own odd jobs for people who are looking for something quick done like poster designs, room designs, or advertisements for companies. Others become employed in businesses for a multitude of things. Most people always claim that a fine arts degree from a college is a waste of time or you can’t get anything with that said degree.

    Interior design is one such job. People in this job have to plan, draw, and execute the designing of a house or building. Game development and design are also things people can do with this degree. Game development  and design is in which is the process were you develop a game with storyboard, characters, and gameplay. Art therapist and museum/ gallery exhibition officer are also one of the many things you can choose from. An arts degree can also help with jobs as an illustrator for products, creative producer or set design for movies or shows.

    When someone points at an artist and laughs at them or makes fun of them for being an artist, just remember that the world around them are designed by us artists and everything they will ever see are the result of an artist that was hired or employed for the job. Parting with the words of Bob Ross “The secret to doing anything is believing that you can do it. Anything that you believe you can do strong enough, you can do. Anything. As long as you Believe.”

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