Walkouts: Good or bad?

By: Layara Speech


National Walkouts for Gun Control

     There has been many school walkouts because of the recurring school shootings. In 2018 alone, there have been about twenty or more school shootings with the last taking place in Ocala, Florida. During the walkouts, students and adults alike hold up signs that might say “Gun Control Now” and chant words resonating with people in power or people who don’t agree with the walkout.

    I don’t see a problem with walkouts–I really support them. It’s a peaceful way to protest, and I don’t think students shouldn’t get in trouble or marked absent because they want their voices to be heard.  Benicia High shouldn’t have to mark students absent, because the absent could have been excused by their parents, and the walkout held on April 20th was for a good cause.

       This generation is definitely politically involved, which I also praise highly. Of course all schools are held accountable for their students, but as long as they are aware that the walkout is going to happen and they don’t turn violent, I don’t see why it is such an issue. Students should have support for wanting positive change.  I hope the walkouts continue; students should never feel discouraged when it comes to protesting. It’s such a brave and amazing thing to do because you could be the reason things change for the better, you could be apart of some form of revolution.

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