We Should All Be Feminists

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Feminism is For Everyone

By: Xavieria Terry

     “Feminism (n.) : the advocacy of women’s rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes.” Many people believe the end goal of a feminist, or as some may call us, “Feminazis,” is to become superior to men; this is not true in any way, shape, or form. The goal of feminism is to establish equality between men and women, to have the same basic social rights, and to not be looked down upon for being a woman.

     First and foremost, everyone should be a true feminist. “Why?” one may ask; women are just as human as any man is. With this being said, men should also be participating in public events, such as the “Women’s March” and making more political movements in the interest of women. Humans have fundamental rights and have their own purpose for being put on the planet. Women should be treated the exact same way as a men, as women and men have the same inherent abilities (except for the pregnancy factor of course, that’s just a plus on our end).

     Since the beginning of time, women have been stowed away and domesticated in numerous cultures across the globe. Women have been told they are not “tough enough,” therefore, they can not do all the things men can. Women have two arms, two legs and a brain, just as the man has two arms, two legs and a brain. Women can and have worked just as hard men on building our world, defying the “delicate flower” stereotype often foisted on them.

     Still today, women don’t make as high as a salary as men do. In 2016, AAUW reports: Women make 80 percent of what a man makes, this is looked at across the board and averaged with each state of the typical salary of what a woman makes compared to the man. That’s a 20 percent gap. Men should be just as outraged as women are as it is prominent in our history that we have struggled for equality and nearly 100 years later, should have something to show for it (as in equality within our paychecks).

     It took the American government nearly 150 years after establishment to grant women the right to vote. Though during World War II, women had to pick up the slack of enlisted men on the homefront. As women accomplished the goal of keeping the country together, they did not get much official recognition, if any, and instead were told to go back to their domesticated ways of cooking, cleaning and maintaining the household.

     Though some may make the argument that women are equal to men in modern day society because they aren’t necessarily legally restricted from anything a man is allowed to do and feminism is just some sad excuse to run amok; women today still face injustices such as the appropriation of rape culture and “she asked for it” excuse, because what she was wearing was too “provocative”. Women should be allowed to wear what they want as fashion is art and self expression, they shouldn’t be penalized because of the sexualization of their bodies and lack of self control of others.

     It is sad, yet true that in many respects, women are still not seen as equal to men in modern day society. This is why we must all collectively stand up and continue to advocate for feminism. The world changes through organization and persistence, so both men and women must stand together, united and in support of feminism, advocating for the equality of not just women, but everyone.

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