Why Banning “Assault Rifles” Is Not The Answer

By Christian Collins

    In the aftermath of Parkland, Orlando, Las Vegas, and Sandy Hook shootings a massive call to ban “Assault Rifles” was heard across the country. Democrats and mainstream media labeled these weapons as dangerous and deadly military grade weapons that do not belong in the hands of civilians. Definitions vary based on varying opinions, but the most widely accepted is a rifle capable of firing multiple rounds a minute and can rapidly reload high capacity magazines. Commonly misunderstood, these firearms are not military grade. They cannot fire fully automatic like it’s military counterpart.

    Still, many believe that outlawing these firearms will end mass killings; however, that is simply not going to work. For starters, according to an FBI report, over 90% of gun crimes are committed with handguns. Banning “assault rifles” might be able to stop a miniscule percentage of firearm related murders, if any. The left frequently cite the U.K. and Australia’s low number of gun related homicides due to a gun buyback implemented in the 90’s. But the United States differs even fundamentally in its geography with the country bordering Mexico–the murder capital of the world according to CNN. And with the lack of security on our southern borders, weapons can be easily smuggled over the border and sold. A 2015 report on arm’s trafficking by Mexico’s government research program CESOP estimates that 2,000 illegal weapons are smuggled into the US every day.  The other probably more significant reason is the sheer number of guns currently in circulation in the U.S. A 2012 report conducted the nonpartisan Congressional Research Service estimates there are 310 million guns owned by American citizens, almost higher than the U.S. population. A ban on the sale of Assault rifles would do nothing to stop the millions of guns already in circulation.

    Even if assault rifles were to be completely banned and confiscated, mass killings may not even decrease. Time and time again terrorists and murderers have carried out atrocious acts, despite laws that were supposed to prevent them. Islamic jihadists slaughtered 130 people in Paris France on November 2015 with AK-47 rifles and suicide vests, despite the country’s heavy restrictions on owning guns. Furthermore, a jihadist was also able to mow down 84 people July 2016 with a rental truck in the same country.  Obviously, their gun laws are not helping to eradicate the issue of violence (both gun-related and otherwise). Even in the United States, Timothy Mcveigh and Terry Nichols blew up a car filled with fertilizer killing 168 in Oklahoma City. The problem in America is not the weapons, it’s the people using them.

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