On My Block Will Leave You Speechless

By Chelsea Arangcon


(From left to right) Jamal, Monse, Ruby, and Cesar

    Lately, it seems like Netflix has been airing some of the best TV shows–and it’s just released another one. On My Block takes place in a rough L.A. neighborhood, and follows Ruby (Jason Genao), Monse (Sierra Capri), Cesar (Diego Tinoco), and Jamal (Brett Gray), a group of four teenagers just about to enter high school, and with only one season consisting of ten, 30-minute episodes, it will leave you speechless.

    The show tackles poverty, gang violence, and typical teenage drama but doesn’t fail to put a smile on your face. It’s safe to say that while the teens within the show constantly face violence at every corner, it doesn’t bring them down–it’s just a part of their everyday life. One example is when a gunshot is hear;, instead of seriously fearing for their lives, they always run the other way while shouting what type of gun was possibly used. Little instances like that bring light humor to deadly situations.

    Eddie Gonzales, a co-creator, stated the show is based loosely on his life. He relates most to the character “Ruby” and said a lot of things Ruby experiences in the show, is what he experienced in his past. And when creating the show, he wanted to project the hope he felt in his childhood, according to Santa Fe New Mexican.

    This show is by far one of the most realest, raw teen shows and the best part is that you can finish this within one day! (It’s about five hours long in total). So use someone’s Netflix subscription or sign up for their seven day free trial and relax, because those five hours won’t be wasted.

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