Selena Gomez Finally Returns: “Back to You”

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Back To You

By Xavieria Terry

  As Selena Gomez has taken a hiatus in the realm of music lately, she announced that she has decided to release new music at last. The past year, Gomez has been distracted from her work with films, such as Hotel Transylvania 3, and fashion as she is the face of Puma. She has been slacking on her work in the world of music, yet within the last few months, Gomez has been spotted making appearances in the studio–and her fans can’t wait to see what she has in store.

    On May 1st, Ms. Gomez posted to Instagram that her single “Back to You” will be debuting on May 10th. Within hours of the announcement, fans already had it trending on twitter. Though the song is to be a part of the 13 Reasons Why Season 2 soundtrack, fans are still raving over the arrival of new music from the Pop Princess.

    Since the Revival tour in 2015, Gomez has teased fans with her second studio album “SG2”. Constantly posting videos of the studio journey and keeping up talk about it in the tabloids, it is three years overdue and fans are ready. In 2017, the popstar released her two singles “Bad Liar” and “Fetish” which seemed to be a part of the new album.

    Though Gomez has featured on other artists singles in songs like “Wolves” and “It Ain’t Me”, they seem to have a common theme: they are EDM based. Fans on Instagram, such as “@teenhollywood.ud” seem to be “tired” and “sick” of the music which all “sounds the same” and are anxiously awaiting “SG2”. There are hopes for the new single “Back to You” to be different from the past few featuring songs and maybe a lead to the new album.

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