Veteran Hospital Hostage Situation Turns Deadly

By Hailey Lederer


Jennifer Gonzales, from left, Jennifer Golick and Christine Loeber were killed, officials said.

On March 9th, a Napa County veterans hospital went through something no one could have imagined as one of the programs there held a going away party for one of their members. 36 year old Albert Wong snuck into the Pathway Home he used to be apart of (before getting kicked out of that Friday morning). He was armed and took with him three hostages. Executive Director Christine Loeber, 48, Clinical Director Jennifer Golick, 42, and Jennifer Gonzales Shushereba, 32, a clinical psychologist who was also seven months pregnant.

It started when gunshots were exchanged with Wong and a deputy which only ended after Wong had taken himself and his three hostages into a room virtually sealing all contact to the outside. The eight hours would drag  until a police officer with video feed would sadly show a devastating scene with Wong, Loeber, Golick, and Shushereba all dead.

Little information about this is known, as no reason on why he was kicked out of the program has been reported yet due to confidentiality and ongoing investigation. As well as the apparent unseen concerns that has been stated, the U.S military has also declined to speak about Wongs service record except for that he served in Afghanistan from April 2011 to March 2012 and has even received a few rewards for actions we still don’t know of.

We still currently wait for more information to come from this investigation and heats reach out to the victims’ families.

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