Elon Musk offers free rides in his new tunnel in LA

171206092121-boring-company-3-780x439By Morgan T. McCulley

The Boring Company, founded by Elon Musk, is a company focused on infrastructure and tunnel construction. The company’s current goal is to decrease LA traffic by building an underground tunnel network called Loop. In December 2017, the company released a map of the network for car and mass transportation. Transportation wouldn’t have stops and travel would be between 125 mph and 150 mph.

On May 10th, Elon posted a video of a nearly finished stretch of tunnel that will be ready for use soon. The tunnels will be using passenger “pods” for transporting bicyclists and pedestrians which will hopefully allow people to get away from traffic and get around faster. The company went for a permit for 2.7 miles of tunnel for West Los Angeles. However, the vision is to make it a 60 mile network which would make it one of the largest subway networks in the United States. The company wouldn’t be taking public funding as they develop ways to reduce costs. Most cities don’t build new tunnels due to cost.

His plans have been criticised by experts who believe it may worsen traffic when people are waiting for the tunnel entry points. Juan Matute, associate director of UCLA Lewis Center and the Institute of Transportation Studies stated, “The viability of the business model is a significant hurdle probably only eclipsed by the complexity of the environmental review and the possibility of legal challenges.”

Elon Musk said that cyclists and pedestrians will get priority access, and it will cost less than a bus ticket. He also said that the public will be offered free rides on the Loop service in the upcoming months if the company receives regulatory approval. On Instagram, he said,

“Super huge thanks to everyone that helped with this project. Strong support from the public, elected officials & regulators is critical to success.”There are no other details so far released, but he had also proposed placing cars on “electric skates” to move them into the tunnel. He posted a video in August 2017 of a Tesla entering the tunnel by elevator.



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