UC San Diego Biomedical Experience



The Rosetta Institute creates a helpful learning environment to learn new things. 

On July 8th, the journey of the Rosetta Institute of Biomedical Research experience began. In this program there are five different programs that someone can attend: Molecular Biology of Cancer workshop, Molecular Neuroscience workshop, Molecular Immunology workshop, Molecular Biology of Development and Aging, and Bioinformatics of Cancer. People can attend one of these workshops either at UC San Diego or at UC Berkeley. It’s a two week educational experience on the specific workshop someone is attending. Even though the program is for the opportunity to gain more knowledge about the workshop of your choice, you also gain the college experience.

I attended the Molecular Neuroscience workshop, which consisted of  learning the normal neurobiology on a molecular level including topics on action potentials, memory, emotion, learning and visual perception. The workshop was taught by Dr. Troy Rohn, neuroscience professor at Boise State University. For two weeks it was an introduction to the course and getting used to the schedule. Each day it started with a 7:00 a.m. wake up that lead to a 7:30 breakfast. At 9 a.m. we had a four hour lecture than lead to a lunch break. We continued the day with a lab and lecture for another fours hours than we went to dinner. The lecture was based on different aspects of the brain and its usage. Lectures on schizophrenia, disorders, moods, the brain of a serial killer, and many more was presented in the class. Sometimes, the instructor would even give us different case studies to review on what we learned that day.

Within the second week of the summer program, we were assigned to our independent projects. The assignment was to choose a disorder, syndrome, or disease, that affects the brain, gather information on it and present your findings to the whole class. I did mine on central sleep apnea, which is a syndrome where you stop breathing in your sleep. There were others such as, lucid dreaming, alcoholism effects on the brain, how water affects the brain, locked-in syndrome, and many others were presented to the class.

When getting to the classes, you gain navigational skills, since the size of the UC San Diego campus is quite large. You also learn time management, you have to calculate how long it takes for someone to get to class on time. There isn’t any parentals that look over your actions so you have to take your own initiative.

In the program, you also learn the idea of having roommates. In college, if you are going to live on campus, there is a possibility that you will be bunking with a stranger. During the program you learn the basis of living with someone else and having to be put into an environment that you are not used to.  

In the end, this summer program was very beneficial to both educational purposes and social interaction. I learned a variety of different diseases, disorders, and functions of the brain. The program created a lifestyle where you are emerged into the course and given the idea of how college life will be. It also forced you into the dorm life, making you come out of your shell. If you are someone who is interested in the biological system in science, then I would highly recommend attending this summer program. It is an experience that you never forget and always appreciate.

You can attend Rosetta Institute of Biomedical Research, by going on their website, fill in the application, get a letter of recommendation from a teacher of yours, send in the request and wait for a reply.



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